Now that Spring has officially sprung we want to keep you informed about some common garden toxins that can be hazardous to your Frenchie’s health.  While not all Frenchie’s eat everything they see, there are certainly a fair number who do!  Be on the look out for these lovely but poisonous plants by being your Frenchie’s “Garden Guardian.”

Azalea – cause vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, coma and death.

Cyclamen – cause severe vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, heart arrhythmias.

Hyacinth and Tulip bulbs – cause severe vomiting, diarrhea, drooling.

Daffodil bulbs – cause severe vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, abnormal heart rate, changes in respiration.

Autumn Crocus – cause severe vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, liver and kidney damage, shock.

Kalanchoe – cause vomiting, diarrhea, heart arrhythmias, neurologic signs.

Oleander – cause severe vomiting, abnormal heart rate, death, shock, weakness.

Sago Palm – cause vomiting, bloody stools, damage to stomach lining, severe liver failure, death.

Lily – cause severe kidney failure.

In addition to poisonous plants, keep baits, blood meal, bone meal, insecticides, fertilizers and some bark and mulch away from your pets.  If you suspect your Frenchie has ingested any of these plants, call the Pet Poison Helpline at 800-213-6680.

They charge a $35 fee but have lifesaving information they can give you until you are able to transfer your pet to an emergency vet.