When you have a French Bulldog it’s like being a member of a secret club. We get used to correcting people when they “Pug” our dogs or explaining they are not growling, just excited to meet you. We compare notes on farting, snoring, allergies and how much they make us laugh or drive us nuts (usually in the same day).

When you have a Frenchie you can spot that silhouette a mile away and it’s an open invitation to get to know that person. If you have Frenchies in common you must have other stuff in common right? Even though popularity of the breed has grown exponentially over the last few years as more celebrities have Frenchies, it is still hard to find necessities like harnesses and treats that work for our frogs.

There is so much information out there for dog owners that simply does not apply to French Bulldogs. It gets extremely time consuming to sift through and when people can’t find the help they need it it can lead to relinquishment or poor health for this often problematic but wonderful breed.

FrenchieSpace offers some of everything. From fun facts and info on health, nutrition and behavior to items designed to specifically work for Frenchies. Our site offers support, friendship and can immediately make you smile by browsing through all those photos and videos of crazy French Bulldog antics.

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