Submit your holiday themed photos to enter our December Contest by the 31st. We want to see your Frenchie playing in the snow, wearing a holiday sweater, reindeer antlers or other embarrassing yuletide accessory. Curled up by the fire and sharing your hot cocoa works too. Please include your Frenchie’s name, profile name on and if your frog was “naughty” or “nice” this year. Email entries to hol[email protected] . Must be a registered Member of to participate. Winner receives a new toy and tasty treat!

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Luna and Astro want to wish all their Frenchie friends Happy Howlidays!  Enjoy the photos.

Batpig and Santa make a very cute picture!  We especially like the sweater.  Batpig has been good this year and is staying warm in Marblehead, MA. Become friends here.

This is Poly from Freindswood, TX.  Poly is a FBRN rescue and from the looks of all those presents we can assume Poly is on the “nice” list.  Meet the rest of the family here.

This is 2-year-old Smuckers from Brooklyn, NY. He’s been a pretty nice snorty reindeer this year…he’s finally maturing (if only a little!) and he was a surprisingly good sport during this Christmas-card modeling shoot.  Welcome him here.

Polly from Orlando, FL. told Santa she has been a good girl this year.  Look at that smile!  We believe it.  See her profile here.

Nala was good this year but Zsa Zsa is on Santa’s naughty list!  We think she will get presents either way because who can resist that face?  Learn more here.

Ali from Stafford, UK was a very nice girl this year.  Stop by and meet her here.

Paris and Louie are entering the contest from Swampscott, MA.  These two look ready for the holidays, or at least for the treats that they have been promised for taking this cute photo!  Become friends here.

Chou-Chou wishes everypawdy a very happy holiday from Oakland, CA.  Learn more about her here.

Loki from Enola, PA. has been a very good girl this year.  She takes the job of making her mom smile and laugh very seriously.  Meet her here.

Meet Dexter from Alameda, CA.  He was adopted from FBV in July 2011 and his dad, Will says he can vouch for Dex being nice since then.  Become friends here.

2 year old Stella is from Marshall, VA.  Her mom, Jayme describes her as, “naughty but in a nice way.”  We know exactly what that means!  Become friends here.

Kermit the dog here, spreading holiday cheer from Bethlehem, PA.  Looks like Santa will be good to him this year.  Stop by his page and make friends here.

This is the lovely, Donna all the way from Luzern, Switzerland.  She is patiently waiting for her annual holiday gala to begin.  Make friends with her here.

Otis was a VERY good boy this year!  Its his first Christmas.  He was excited to play in his first snowfall.  This is Otis with his Big Brother Parker from Naperville, IL.  Learn more about Otis here.

Introducing Riley Bean (Female Fawn, 13 months) and Doyle James (Brindle Boy, 4 months) from Woodbury, NY.  Riley and Doyle are the best Christmas present their parents could have ever asked for!  This is their first Christmas with either of them and they are thrilled to be celebrating as a family.  Become friends here.

Molly is looking extra adorabull as an elf this year.  Stop by and welcome this new girl from New York here.

Madi and Coby have been very good this year.  They gave Santa their wish list right before this picture was taken.  These 2 cuties live in Graham, WA. and love making new Frenchie friends here.

This is Frankie da Frenchie from Dallas, TX.  He just recently turned 1 year old and has been a very nice boy this year.  Meet him here.

Let’s all welcome new Member, George Justice of Murfreesboro, TN.  We can only imagine George stays on the nice list because that Frenchie smile is sure to get him out of trouble!  Stop by and say, “hi” here.

This is Emma’s first Christmas and mom, Alicia says she is really looking forward to it.  Emma has been on the nice list this year.  She lives in Cole Camp, MO. and loves making new fur-iends here.

Meet new Members, Mocha Latte and Venti Macchiato from Norman, OK.  These two are very loved (and by that we mean spoiled).  We are pretty sure Santa is going to be good to them this year.  Welcome them here.

Trixie is a 6 year old frenchie.  She’s very petite at 16 lbs.  She loves to be held and loves to prance around the house in her antlers.  When mommy took them off, she went and sulked in her bed.  She’s always a very good girl.  Her biggest naughty is when she refuses to come in from sunbathing in the back yard in Redondo Beach, CA.  Who can blame her?  Become a friend here.

This is Molly from Vancouver Island.  Molly Moo has been a very good girl, especially while she recovers from her surgery. Christmas is her favorite time of year and she gets super excited when she sees her stocking come out!!  Learn more about Molly here.

Rufus is waiting for a kiss under the misletoe and Lilly, the red nosed reindeer are from Cologne, Germany.  Mom, Arlette says, ” Of course Lilly was naughty and Rufi was nice.”  Naughty or nice both know how to pose for a picture.  We think they get a lot of practice 🙂  Be their friends here.

Meet Mog the Frenchie.  Mog loves his Christmas necklace. He’s worn it every year since he was a baby. He barks when you take it off.  His mom says he’s always a good boy except when he’s on a leash.  Mog lives with his little sister, Zuul in Chalmette, LA. Become friends here.

Mae Ling has been very, very nice this year. She got to sit on Santa’s lap at the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue Holiday Fund Raiser!  Make friends with Mae Ling and her sister, Nikko here.

This is Nikko.  I think it’s safe to say by her expression she has been naughty and nice this year.  It looks like she had a heated discussion with Santa right before this picture was taken!

Meet Ruby Nell from Decatur, GA.  Her sister, Penelope is the Frenchie of the Month so mom, Debbie McCanless, thought Ruby needed to have a shot at the Holiday photo contest because she is SUCH a love.  Not a fan of the outfit but she LOVES the holidays.  Ruby says, “My mom calls me “good” and my sister “bad” so I guess I’ve been pretty good this year.  I did decide that I like to open presents early, mom didn’t like that, told me I have to wait but they are so purrrrrrty!” Learn more here.

This “bad” Santa is Leo Pie from Brooklyn, NY.  We are betting he will still have some presents under the tree despite the naughty status.  Request friendship here.

Marco is bringing the holiday spirit all the way from Lesvos, Greece.  He has been a good boy this year and would love to meet fellow Frenchies here.

Louis Lioncourt will definitely go down in history on Frenchiespace.  He was our Featured Frenchie in October.  Louis may not have a “bright and shiny nose” but is still looking very much like a reindeer from North Vancouver, Canada.  Visit his profile here.

Deck the halls with baby Scarlett!  This little cutie is still very puppyish so she has spent some time on the naughty list.  Her mom said she is learning to be nice and so helpful with the decorating.  Scarlett lives in Solana Beach, CA and would like to be your fur-iend here.

Leonard or “Lenny” the Frenchie may not be bringing tidings of silver and gold but he sure has an adorabull smile!  Lenny lives in North Palm Beach, FL. and loves making new friends here.
This is Mileena’s very first Christmas!  Her mom says she has been nice this year and we can tell Santa is going to spoil her. Mileena lives in San Diego, CA and is always looking for new friends to play with.  Visit her profile here.

This is Gaston (what a great name for a Frenchie).  He braves the snow in Chicago, IL. with boots, sweaters and plenty of bribery. His mom says he has been more nice than naughty.  This handsome boy would love to become friends here.

If you need additional motivation, check out the Thanksgiving contest winners and the Halloween contest winners. So cute!

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